Human expectations II
Dolores Furtado, Kris Grey, William J. O’Brien, Eun-Ha Paek, & Lilly Zuckerman 
October 21, 2020 – June 20, 2021 | HUB-Robeson Center & Online 
Working with touch and play, the artists exhibiting in Human Expectations II search for expression and experience through material. Forms emerge from the artists’ own bodies creating monuments to life and desire. Sharing what living feels like with eyes closed, improvisations and intimate experiences become powerful and suggestive objects. Like a boulder on top of a hill – these works fill the imagination with narrative possibility ​​​​​​​

Human expectations
Micaela Amateau Amato, Natalia Arbelaez, Soojin Choi, & Malcolm Mobutu Smith 
August 24, 2020 – January 31, 2021 | HUB-Robeson Center & Online 
Human Expectations is an exhibition of four artists working throughout the U.S. in ceramic, neon, and glass. Each artist approaches the form of the human head as a map or apparition, expressing systems of knowing, disruption, and social difference. Weighty, incisive, and unflinching these works connect deeply to the worlds of emotions, feelings, and embodied knowledge. Working from their interests, stories, and origins these artists consider the limitations and possibilities of human expectations – their ignorance, perceptual limitations, and potentially their magic.

On view throughout the exhibition cases in the HUB-Robeson Center, at Penn State University Park.